How to Use Attendance Management Software for Better Results

As many as 80% of employees acknowledged that they had indulged in “time theft” in an anonymous survey! That should give you an idea of how serious the issue is. You pay employees to be at their desk and work. When they work in the correct direction, your company makes profits. Time theft, therefore, is an extremely serious business.

But then, the question that naturally arises is this: What makes the employees capable of stealing time? The answer is simple: absence of any software system for checking attendance. Now, attendance software is difficult, almost impossible, for your employees to cheat on simply because it puts in place a system that allows for objective measurement of time spent on work.

This way, employees cannot steal time and your managers cannot wrongfully accuse someone of doing so. As transparent and fair as it gets, wouldn’t you say?

Merits of Attendance Management Software

Before venturing into how to use Attendance software to obtain excellent results, let us examine its inherent benefits:

  • Precision and Objectivity: Being accurate and fair to both sides – yours and the employees’ – is at the very root of the merits of such software. For one, the software maintains exact time records. Employees cannot add time as is possible in manual attendance management. Neither can they fill in time for their colleagues.

Such accuracy means that neither can a sincere employee be wrongfully charged with time related malpractices.

  • Improved Efficiency: Manual record keeping is a cumbersome process at best. And at worst, it is a nightmare. Imagine having to sift through layers and layers of paper documents to check attendance of employees – and you may have dozens of them. Next, imagine how many man hours go into this “paperwork?”

Now, imagine how much your company stands to gain if your managers can direct this time and effort in some constructive activities. Would that not boost your efficiency? Yes, definitely.

  • Better Revenues and Profits: Mega companies can save a maximum of $1600 per employee by making use of attendance management software! Not a small amount by any standards.

Paying for overtime is not that bad provided the concerned employees have really worked in excess of office hours. But then, things are really not that simple. Manual attendance management system allows even the tardy ones to log in extra time and claim payment.

That is a double whammy. You don’t benefit from such faking employees and you have to pay more. But, if you put in place appropriate attendance management software, only the deserving ones get paid extra. And, you get to know who your best employees are, really.

Some employees may not claim overtime and still cheat. For example, if the normal week is 40 work hours, the employee will work only for, say, 35, and claim the pay for the 40 hours. The software will prevent this. Moreover, the software will prevent the losses you incur from employee absenteeism as well as employees logging in time for their colleagues.

  • Streamlined Workflow: The software enables you or your managers to know which employees have applied for leave on what data. Based on the expected / known workflow, you can accept or reject the leave applications. With the exception of sudden leaves – the one that employees take without notice – there will not be one day in your office when the required personnel are absent.

If the leave application is such that you cannot reject it, then, you can at least ensure that another employee who can fill in for the absent one, is not on leave on that very day.

  • Superior Flexibility: These days, more and more professionals prefer to work from remote locations. Manual attendance management systems are not applicable for such workers. Hiring freelancers can open up treasure troves of talent for your company. But then, you still have to monitor them.

Here, you can integrate diverse time tracking options into the attendance management system for better time tracking of remote employees. Some of these options are biometric terminals, smartphones, mobile apps, and desktop readers to name a few.

  • Adherence to Laws: Being on the wrong side of law is bad enough. To be so for no fault of your own can be devastating. Laws may require you to pay for overtime. They may also put limits on the number of overtime hours. Fair enough. We have already looked into the financial demerits of allowing your employees to claim overtime when they have not.

Well, there is a legal side too. And, that is many times more lethal. If an employee claims to have worked for more than the overtime regulations stipulate, you are open to litigation that will consume a whole lot of your time and money. And, you may have to go through all this just because you did not set up attendance management system. Not worth it. 

How to Use Attendance Management System for Better Results

Technology is a tool that can only be as good as the person who utilizes it. In case you wish to harness all the merits of attendance software, here is what you need to do:

1. Choose the Most Appropriate Software: Make sure the software you choose takes care of all your related needs. For example, if you are engaging remote employees, the software is compatible with relevant time tracking features such as mobile apps and biometric terminals.

A useful software will be simple to understand and use, provide notifications of approaching upper limits, track off-time of employees, include numerous time tracking options, be convenient to configure, and provide required reports.

2. Let Your Employees Know You are Using Such Software in Advance: Entrenched mindset are near impossible to reform. You can start by letting your employees know that you are installing such software and how they can use it to log time. The message will be loud and clear – time theft will no longer be possible. Employees, particularly the erring ones, will get the message and the time to mend ways.

3. Provide Proper Training to Your Managers for Utilizing the Software: What is the point in investing in such software, if you or your managers cannot harness its full feature range? Make sure everyone knows what they need to know.

4. Link the Findings of the Software with Employee Appraisal: Some sincere employees may not be very aggressive. But, they will be work for their stipulated number of hours or even more. Make the time related findings a part of performance measurement. This way, the sincere ones do not feel left out.  

5. Don’t Confuse More Work Time with Employee Quality: No two persons are alike. While an employee might take hours to understand something, another one might understand the same in minutes. Besides, some employees may deliver fast results while some may move along at a leisurely pace. However, fast does not always mean accurate! The point is, you must employ discretion when judging an employee. And, the judgement must not be based only on how many hours the employee has logged in. The ability to deliver on time is equally important, if not more!

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